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Getting Started

How to Learn Forex for Newbies

Start stock trading just $1.


Free course for learning forex

Forex can be a way to make you either extra money or BIG money. Many people get much money by trading forex alone. But this have to comes with some skill. In order to get skill you have to learn it and practice till your skill grow big enough to make you big money.

So how to learn about forex Trading? Now we have a way to do that.



Step 1 : Go to fre Course Website at Forex Learning Program page

Then click "Get it Now"

Start stock trading just $1.



Step 2 : See WebTV

If you're on mobile just skip this step

Start stock trading just $1.



Step 3 : Fill in the blank


Start stock trading just $1.



Step 4 : Choose Type of account U prefer (At first I recommend Cent or Mini account)

Every type of account are free to register, you may choose to open trial account by clicking 'Trial Account'.

How to buy and sell stock.

For those who want the trade to be flexible, I recommend you 'Mini' account which is most flexible for trading. However, You can register other type of account later If you find them interesting.



Step 5 : Fill in an information

Trading game online and Stock exchange game.

You should fill in a usable cellphone number. Because the site will send you a password there.



Step 6 : Verify Code from SMS and Email

You'll need to put in code the site have sent to your e-mail and cellphone

There maybe some delay for Gmail user. If you don't recieve just click 'Resend' or register as you wish, (You have nothing to loose here)

After you completed, click 'Next'

Verify to register stock broker very easy

In 'Leverage' I recommend to choose 1:2000 which is maximum limit for Mini and Cent account, But other formula also works fine. You can change this later after registration if you wish.

Step 7 : Set Password for your account

'Password' is for sign in in the site or program.

'Investor Password' is for permission to view your investment (rarely used)

'Phone Password' is the password for phone verification for certain process (rarely used)

After you completed, click 'Next'

set up security for stock and forex broker

set your password for forex trading broker

set password for trading account

After you completed, click 'Open Account'

Step 8 : Finish!! Now you'll be shown an online learning.


2. Download and Install Program for online trading HERE

Go to Download Program Tab for more Information.

After you download the program, you'll be able to login to your account (you'll see that on step 4).


3. Login to site and Fund account

Go to Fund Management Tab for more Information.


Open Trading Account for FREE



4. Open Program and Login

Go to Trading Basic section

Is it now your time to get rich?

How To Register

How to Fund Account?

How do I Trade?

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